Mathew Pooley

Mathew Pooley

Farm Manager

Ngāi Tahu Farming

Te Whenua Hou

"Yeah I never thought I would be managing a farm at 27, obviously one of the youngest managers here by quite a long shot so it's quite an achievement and I'm quite proud of myself and growing up like on farms, father is a sheep and beef farmer, so it's nice to come to a place where they put time and effort into you and you actually feel important and you feel part of something." 

Mathew Pooley (Ngāi Tahu - Ngāi Te Ruahikihiki) works for Ngāi Tahu Farming at Te Whenua Hou. Matt has been farming since he was 15-years-old and he is now the farm manager at Maungatere Dairy Farm in Eyrewell, North Canterbury.

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