Ngāi Tahu Seafood

For centuries, the sea surrounding Te Waipounamu (the South Island) has provided Ngāi Tahu a bountiful supply of food for both sustenance and trade. Ngāi Tahu have an intimate knowledge of, connection to, and respect for the sea.

Our profound regard for the marine environment, alongside our belief in sustainability and responsible behaviour, guides our practice in today’s commercial environment. It includes respect for marine species and for the product itself, taking care to retain the best condition and highest quality.

Ngāi Tahu Seafood is responsible for managing fisheries assets on behalf of Ngāi Tahu. It harvests seafood under contract, with approximately 100 independent and experienced fishers and fishing companies, many of whom are Ngāi Tahu themselves. We have worked hard to establish a reputation as a proven supplier of top quality seafood in a highly competitive global market.



Kōura (lobster)

Kōura (lobster) — exporting the world’s best live lobster, most significantly  to China, under the TAHU brand


Pāua (abalone)

Pāua (abalone) — harvested by hand, and exported live, frozen, and/or contract processed (PH16) in can form

IKON 120326 0154

Tio (Bluff oysters)

Tio (Bluff oysters) — from one of the few wild oyster fisheries, sold locally both live and processed (shucked and ready-to-eat, in pottles) 

Ngai Tahu Seafood Blue Cod

Ika — rāwara (blue cod)

Ika — rāwara (blue cod) potted and brought onto the boat alive, plus a range of other deep sea and inshore fish species from our quota.