Ngāi Tahu Capital

Centuries ago, Ngāi Tahu moved southward from their homes in Te Ika a Māui (the North Island) to forge a new life in Te Waipounamu (the South Island).

Ngāi Tahu Capital is continuing the tribe’s tradition of exploring new opportunities by investing directly into businesses, or indirectly into businesses through external fund managers and private equity funds.

Having a diverse set of investments helps Ngāi Tahu Holdings manage risk and keeps us in touch with new businesses, marketplace trends, and opportunities. Our ability to anticipate and capitalise on these help to protect and grow tribal wealth for current and future generations.

Direct Investments

We invest directly into New Zealand businesses, with a preference for those of significance to Te Waipounamu. We like to partner with other owners and invest in businesses that share our values and growth aspirations. Through investing directly in businesses, we seek an active role where we can make governance appointments and contribute to business performance.

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Whale Watch Kaikōura

Ngāi Tahu Capital has been supporting the multi award-winning nature tourism company Whale Watch Kaikōura since it began in 1987. We hold a 43.5% shareholding in the locally-owned whale watching business, which hosts more than 100,000 visitors each year.

Ryman Health Care Bowls

Ryman Healthcare

Ryman built its first retirement home in Christchurch in 1984. The company now owns 31 retirement villages, and serves over 10,000 residents in New Zealand and Australia. Ngāi Tahu Capital was a cornerstone investor in this business, which has grown to be one of New Zealand’s largest listed companies. Over time we have sold down our shares to help create a more diverse Ngāi Tahu Holdings investment portfolio. Currently, we have a 3% shareholding.



Go Bus

Go Bus is New Zealand’s biggest and most diverse bus operator, with 27 depots spanning Te Ika a Māui and Te Waipounamu. In 2014 we partnered with Tainui Group Holdings to purchase Go Bus. Tainui Group Holdings owns 33.3%, and Ngāi Tahu Capital owns 66.7%.


Waikato Milking Systems

Waikato Milking Systems

Waikato Milking Systems is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of dairy technology to the New Zealand market and more than 20 dairy-producing countries. In 2014 we partnered with Tainui Group Holdings and Pioneer Capital to purchase Waikato Milking Systems. Each partner owns about 33% of the business.

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Oha Honey

Oha Honey is one of the largest producers of premium manuka honey in Aotearoa, and primarily sells its products in export markets.  Ngāi Tahu Capital initially invested in 2015 and now owns 100% of the business 

Hilton Haulage

Hilton Haulage

Hilton Haulage is a leading transport and storage supplier to Canterbury businesses. In 2016, alongside the founding shareholders, we invested funding into Hilton Haulage to support their growth aspirations. Through this investment, Ngāi Tahu Capital owns a 50% stake of Hilton Haulage.

Indirect Investments

We work with a range of private equity fund managers to invest in private and public businesses. Such investments help manage our risk by spreading our interests across a range of markets. These investments also keep us in touch with new business opportunities and provide Ngāi Tahu Holdings with a source of money that is easily and readily accessible.   

Private equity fund managers 

We invest in New Zealand and Australian private equity fund managers who invest mostly in private businesses. These fund managers use our funds and those of other investors to help existing businesses to develop and grow, and ultimately achieve a return on our investment. Working through private equity managers means we can make the most of their expertise in various sectors, and keep informed about new businesses and investment opportunities.

Publicly listed companies

We have shareholdings in many international publicly listed companies through our investment in Pathfinder's Global Responsibility Fund. This ethical investment fund actively filters out undesirable sectors and companies such as those involved in tobacco, cluster munitions, and gambling. This type of investment helps Ngāi Tahu Holdings manage liquidity because it can be easily and readily sold if we are looking at new growth opportunities. 


Future Investments

When considering new investments we take a long-term view. This is aligned to Ngāi Tahu Holdings’ goal of providing a steady distribution of funds to support Ngāi Tahu whānau in this generation and the next. We target private businesses that complement our existing investment portfolio, and share our values and growth aspirations.

Across the investment portfolio we have a successful track record in:

  • Undertaking large projects, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Growing and improving existing businesses in partnership with owners and other financial investors
  • Facilitating full exit strategies for business owners.

 We welcome conversations with iwi, business owners, and other investors who are looking for long-term investments.

 Call 03 366 4344 to talk to our investment team, or email